Amazing Place in the South of Cebu- It’s Samboan Time!

We are very excited to share our latest trip adding to our series of South of Cebu destinations! Samboan Cebu is undeniably far place from Cebu City. It is in between Santander and Ginatilan. This is a place where one can really embrace the true meaning of “nature tripping”.

Samboan Cebu is by far not the ordinary place as compared to the other nearer places from the city proper; it is a small town on a hill. When you go to this place, leave your desire for a noisy night-life or fancy stores because this place is rustic to the core. Continue reading “Amazing Place in the South of Cebu- It’s Samboan Time!”

September Blogging Journey! Happy 6 Months Cebunomads!

September is the month we got back with our blog after a long pause. Our blog has passed the 6 months range and we are so excited with the changes of the site! We are so excited to share with your our improvements and journey for this month. Continue reading “September Blogging Journey! Happy 6 Months Cebunomads!”

Awesome news, Life of a Vacationing OFW and the Exemption of OEC

We know that there are many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) who may have not seen the new changes in the Philippines since President Duterte took his oath as the new leader of the country. We did our research and we wrote as detailed as we can.

The usual life of a balik-mangagawa or vacationing Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is enjoying the first 90% of his/her vacation days with family and then hurriedly spend half a day full of hassles in a POEA office to get an Overseas Employment Clearance (OEC) or others call it “exit clearance”. If they have the choice, they would avoid the POEA due to the struggling procedures of getting an OEC, sadly they have to undergo or else they cannot go out of the country even if they are the Director of Starbucks in Tokyo or a Domestic Helper in the Middle East. Continue reading “Awesome news, Life of a Vacationing OFW and the Exemption of OEC”

A Quickie in Santander, Cebu

Back in 2003 when Jeni and I were younger, we were very rebellious. As college students and young bloods we would find ways to find doze of excitements.

Jeni’s mom and my aunt Lot-Lot has one thing in common – they were strict! They never allowed us to go on far adventures but we sneaked out anyways (what are best friends for 🙂 ). One of our sneaky days were a stow-away adventure to Dumaguete City (the capital of Negros Oriental) in our search for a fun boost. As original natives of Boljo-on Cebu, we were very familiar with South of Cebu and that was the path of our “layas mode” rebellious stow-away galore. We met and partied with friends from Alcoy, Boljoon, Oslob and as soon as we reached Santander; we knew we were really near to our destination goal.  That is how we treated Santander, Cebu back then- a backdoor to the place where we did things only the two of us knew and God 🙂 Continue reading “A Quickie in Santander, Cebu”

Why is Oslob, Cebu so famous?

When I was assigned in Yokohama for the past five months, believe it or not my Japanese colleagues couldn’t help asking if I have been to “Osrob” when they knew I am from Cebu! My Nihongo is just basic, enough to interact in a non-English speaking country and understand the Japanese way of pronunciation. I know they meant “Oslob, Cebu”.

Who wouldn’t be interested in Oslob, Cebu!? It is a great place in South of Cebu and a lot of positive reviews froms tourists who had the experiences of the lifetime. In fact, it is one of the top destinations in the South of Cebu. Oslob, Cebu has been featured countless of times in every Philippine television.

So why is Oslob, Cebu so famous?

Continue reading “Why is Oslob, Cebu so famous?”

Crap! Stopped Blogging for a While, What Now??

It was a roller coaster ride since the last time we laid eyes on our blog. I was assigned in Japan, been very drained with my job in Oil and Gas industry – thanks to the unstable oil price that affected every country in the world.
My bestfriend Jeni was also a bit busy with her other businesses and we are pretty much left with a hard choice to pause for a while!

Here we are after 5 months of pause, we decided to be back blogging again! Yay!

Continue reading “Crap! Stopped Blogging for a While, What Now??”

A Boljooanon’s Guide to Top 5 “Must Go Places” in Boljo-on Cebu

Another wonderful place in South of Cebu that is worthy to stop-by and admire the natural scenic view is Boljo-on Cebu. It is always summer in Cebu and the best way to enjoy the tropical heat is to travel affordably to this town. Ready to roll?

I have written several posts not only to our blog but to other websites on great travel spots in South of Cebu and perhaps writing travel experiences in Boljo-on Cebu is the easiest because this is my hometown (we call ourselves as Boljooanons). Continue reading “A Boljooanon’s Guide to Top 5 “Must Go Places” in Boljo-on Cebu”


We are so much relieved that we have surpassed this month in our blogging journey. This is our second month and we know we have a long way to go. We are also making sure our commitment to maintaining our blog. The first 6 months is the foundation of any blog and this is also our training ground for trial and errors. Continue reading “APRIL BLOGGING JOURNEY”

Top 3 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Alcoy Cebu Getaway for Only 500 Pesos

Summer is here! Do you have any quick getaways in mind? Haven’t decided yet or are you on a tight budget? What if we show you that you can have your getaway for only Php 500, will you be happy and ready to roll to Alcoy Cebu as fast as tomorrow?

In our previous post about Wow Argao! A simple guide to Argao Cebu we have written that if your idea of a perfect getaway is chilling in a white sand beach and swimming in deep blue waters, then the good places are either Alcoy Cebu, Boljoon Cebu and Oslob Cebu.

Continue reading “Top 3 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Alcoy Cebu Getaway for Only 500 Pesos”

Cebuano of the Week: A Mother’s Hand – A Young Son’s Relief From Cancer

We all have our stories to tell and families we all love and always wished for happy endings. What if a dreadful disease suddenly arrives in the family that will take your precious little gem and test all your resilience, how will you handle it? Can you endure the test of God?

Our Cebuano of the Week is an inspirational and strong mother of 7, a loving wife and a fighter. We silently went with her journey all throughout the months that her son Budjie battled and died with Cancer through her Facebook. Despite of losing her son from the disease, she believes the family still won in spirit. She aimed to help other families who are undergoing the same situation to be able to learn from her experiences without losing their grip of life.

Continue reading “Cebuano of the Week: A Mother’s Hand – A Young Son’s Relief From Cancer”