A Boljooanon’s Guide to Top 5 “Must Go Places” in Boljo-on Cebu

Another wonderful place in South of Cebu that is worthy to stop-by and admire the natural scenic view is Boljo-on Cebu. It is summer and the best way to enjoy it is to travel affordably to this town. Ready to roll?

I have written several posts not only to our blog but to other websites on great travel spots in South of Cebu and perhaps writing travel experiences in Boljo-on Cebu is the easiest because this is my hometown (we call ourselves as Boljooanons).

Townhall in Boljo-on Cebu built during the previous regime of Mayor Wargong Derama

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We are so much relieved that we have surpassed this month in our blogging journey. This is our second month and we know we have a long way to go. We are also making sure our commitment to maintaining our blog. The first 6 months is the foundation of any blog and this is also our training ground for trial and errors. Continue reading “APRIL BLOGGING JOURNEY”

Top 3 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Alcoy Cebu Getaway for Only 500 Pesos

Summer is here! Do you have any quick getaways in mind? Haven’t decided yet or are you on a tight budget? What if we show you that you can have your getaway for only Php 500, will you be happy and ready to roll to Alcoy Cebu as fast as tomorrow?

In our previous post about Wow Argao! A simple guide to Argao Cebu we have written that if your idea of a perfect getaway is chilling in a white sand beach and swimming in deep blue waters, then the good places are either Alcoy Cebu, Boljoon Cebu and Oslob Cebu.

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Cebuano of the Week: A Mother’s Hand – A Young Son’s Relief From Cancer

We all have our stories to tell and families we all love and always wished for happy endings. What if a dreadful disease suddenly arrives in the family that will take your precious little gem and test all your resilience, how will you handle it? Can you endure the test of God?

Our Cebuano of the Week is an inspirational and strong mother of 7, a loving wife and a fighter. We silently went with her journey all throughout the months that her son Budjie battled and died with Cancer through her Facebook. Despite of losing her son from the disease, she believes the family still won in spirit. She aimed to help other families who are undergoing the same situation to be able to learn from her experiences without losing their grip of life.

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How to write your first post: 10 Tips to New Bloggers

Blogging, content writing, freelance writing even making lengthy posts in Facebook all involves writing. Writing is your voice in the Internet and who knows who uses the Internet but as long as your content is not private someone out there will read your post eventually even without any form of promotion. Here at Cebunomads.com we use writing as our voice and a channel to speak our opinions concentrating on traveling Cebu, enjoying Cebu and Living in Cebu.

We have received questions like how do we write our posts and where do we get the information? We prefer to write a post to address these topics. We came up with how to write your first post: 10 tips to new bloggers article to help others who may be thinking of starting their new blog but are worried about writing.

Before you read our 10 tips how to write your first post, we would like to stretch that writing is very important in blogging and it takes consistent practice to be able to last longer in this field. We have written countless of articles for other clients before making our own blog (Cebunomads.com) and we weren’t able to do it if we did not practice writing in our free time.

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5 Exciting Things To Do in Dalaguete Cebu

Imagine yourself waking up heading to an exciting getaway in South of Cebu – specifically Dalaguete Cebu!

In the recent years, Dalaguete Cebu was elevated to the list of the most visited places in South of Cebu mainly because of the natural resources that you can see here. This is very far from the usual torta selling town.

Dalaguete Cebu is right after Argao Cebu when you’re taking a bus heading to Bato-Oslob. It’s 86 kilometers from Cebu South Bus Terminal and fare is Php 95 using aircon buses. You will know you have arrived in the town proper because of the distinct voices of active vendors selling their delicacies. They are very energetic and friendly, really.

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Booking.com Review: How This Site Can Optimize Your Cebu Travel

Probably one of the best use of the Internet is for users to search and book for hotels in the tips of their fingers. We could only remember we’d make use of the Yellow Pages and look for Cebu hotels section and call one by one for their rates and beg for discounts. Negotiating for the best room rates is almost impossible because they already pre-set their rates and you do have less means for comparison. But look where we are at now! The Internet is widely used it has become our second virtual world and choosing Cebu hotels and booking them is never as convenient as we have today.

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Wow Argao! A Simple Guide to Exploring Argao Cebu

According to old stories, long time ago when Argao was still an uncultivated land a certain kind of tree called “sali-argaw”was abundantly inhabiting the vast shoreline. The trees can grow so tall they can be seen by fishermen in the middle of Bohol seas. Fishermen would then make the “sali-argaw” trees as landmarks and the shortened term Argaw became its nickname until finally it became its official name. Argao is an interesting place in South of Cebu mainly due to the construction materials used to build Spanish inspired houses and buildings especially the roofs made out of brick tiles that were baked in traditional ovens.  Until today Argao still supply these kind of roof bricks to extravagant houses and hardwares in Cebu City. Continue reading “Wow Argao! A Simple Guide to Exploring Argao Cebu”

Five Reasons Why People Like Sibonga Cebu

What is your ideal Cebu travel? If you are like us who searched for a laid back, stress reliever travel that is holistic in nature where else to go than South of Cebu. There is a place in particular in South of Cebu that will surely captivate you and give additional meaning to the word  “travel” – Sibonga Cebu. The kind of travel we mean is not a shopping tour or an amusement park tour but more of a faith tour.

We will tell you five reasons why people like Sibonga Cebu in a few moments. Before that, we would like to explain why South of Cebu is a good stress reliever and when traveling to Cebu why you must consider a Round South of Cebu travel.

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A2 Hosting Review: Why We Changed Blog Host to A2 Hosting and Left 1and1?

Before we will discuss more about our reviews of A2 hosting  and our reasons why we left 1and1, we would like to discuss a bit on our previous difficulty with our blog. We have discussed earlier about our reasons in transitioning to WordPress from Blogger. We realized that was a smart move because our previous blogging platform limited us in a lot of ways. Blogspot/Blogger is good for starting point and for learning interface which we had easily done in our first few weeks of blogging.

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